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COLCA TREK is accredited member of APTA The Association of Adventure Operators of Ecotourism in Arequipa And Authorized Accredited travel agency of the Ministry of Tourism of PERU.





















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The Adventure Travel Specialists highly recommend for all the hand books about Peru

Colca Trek (206217-9600170; www.colcatrek.com.pe ; colcatrek@gmail.com ; Jerusalén 401-B). Colca Trek is an ecoconscious adventure-tour agency and shop run by the knowledgeable, English- speaking Vlado Soto. In addiction to trekking tour, it organizes mountaineering, mountain biking and river running trip; it buys, sell and rents many kinds of equipments, including climbing gear and bike; and it is one of the few shops selling decent topographical maps of the area and full complement of camp; stove gas ,canisters. Be careful of copycat travel agencies that illegally use the Colca Trek name and/or web address that are the similar to the agency's official site".
Title: Lonely Planet Peru


".. COLCA TREK colcatrek@gmail.com Colca Trek is an excellent adventure tour agency and shop run by the knowledgeable and English speaking VLADO SOTO. As well as trekking tours, it rents mountain bikes, organizes rafting; buys, sells and rents equipment; and is one of the few shops selling decent topographical maps of the area as well has a full complement of camping gases…” Charlotte Beech

Title: Lonely Planet Peru
Author: Charlotte
Beech, Rob Rachowiecki Published 2003, 440 pages, English language.

Lonely Planet Peru (3rd Ed.) by Rob Rachowiecki
Paperback - 496 pages 3rd edition (July 1996)
Lonely Planet; Size (in inches): 0.91 x 7.32 x 5.17

This was our daily, if not hourly, guide. Excellent.



Adventure tour agency run by professional guide Vlado Soto (speaks English). Offers trekking tours in the Colca and Cotahuasi Canyons, mountain biking and can organise rafting. Also rents out mountain bikes. Small shop selling camping equipment, topographical maps, fuel for stoves etc. Recommended in Lonely Planet Peru Guidebook.
Colca Trek
Address: Jerusalen 401B, Arequipa, Peru
Tel: (51-54) 206217
Web: www.colcatrek.com.pe

All editions: “ A recommended guide for climbing, trekking, mountain biking and river rafting in the Colca Canyon is Vlado Soto, Jerusalen 401-b T9600170 colcatrek@gmail.com He is knowledgeable an helpful and also rents equipment…”
Footprint Peru Handbook (2nd Ed) by Alan Murphy
Paperback - 512 pages 2nd edition
(July 1999) New editionNTC Publishing Group



The Rough Guide to Peru (3rd Ed) by Dilwyn Jenkins
Paperback 3rd edition (January 1997)
Rough Guides; Size (in inches): 0.97 x 7.81 x 5.09

A guidebook recommended by many for trekking the Andes, exploring Machu Picchu and visiting Lima safely.




Peru and Bolivia : Backpacking and Trekking by Hilary Bradt, Jane Letham, John Pilkington
Paperback - 326 pages 7 Ed edition (March 1999)
Bradt Pubns; Size ( in inches): 0.75 x 8.43 x 5.34
Footprint SOUTH AMERICAN Handbook by Alan Murphy Publishing BEN BOX …
“ A recommended guide for climbing, trekking, mountain biking and river rafting in the Colca Canyon is Vlado Soto, Jerusalem 401-b T9600170 colcatrek@gmail.com He is knowledgeable an helpful and also rents equipment…”


Travels in Perú: by Dominic Hamilton
For the best tours of the Cotahuasi Canyon, contact Vlado Soto of Colca Trek in Arequipa: Jerusalén 401,
Tel +51 54 206217,
colcatrek@gmail.com, www.colcatrek.com.pe
Deepest, Brightest Peru



"...Campamento Base. Colca Trek, An excellent travel agency and good camping shop who also have excellent guides for the Colca Canyon and more adventures treks, including Cabanaconde, Tapay and Cotahuasi areas..." - South Am Dilwyn Jenkins
PENGUIN BOOKS by dilwyn jenkinsThe fourth edition (June 2,000)
                                                       by Rough Guides




BERGTOUREN Campamento Base Jerusalén 401B. Tel 206217 Vlado Soto bieted Touren (Bergwandern/Bergsteigen)Von 2bis 5 tagen Dauer an (mit u. ohne Ausrüstung) und vergfügt gute Kartenvon Colca, Cotahuasi, Misti, Chachani, Ampato und Coropuna. An- und Verkauf von Ausrüstung , auch Verleih von Rafting-Equipment und Mountainbikes.
PERU BOLIVIEN Reise Know-How, Kai Ferreira Schmidt

Dilwyn jenkins, the rough guide to peru (rough guides)
Campamento Base and Colca Trek Jerusalen 401 b “An exellent tour,trek,climbing,mountain-biking and canoeing company which also specializes in customized tours permitting a mix of the above(trekking and mountain biking mix particularly well in this region);the owner, Vlado Soto, also operates a well-stocked camping shop and employsexcellent guides for the Colca Canyon and more adventurous treks, including Cabanaconde,Tapay and especially Cotahuasi areas. The office is a good source of information on the wider region and they will organize transport (eg Cotahuasi, for a $ 1). “ Recommended by Travel Editor.


The Inca Trail : Cuzco & Machu Picchu by Richard Danbury
Paperback - 256 pages (June 1999)
Seven Hills Book Distributors
Included this, as people have asked about books on the Inca Trail.



Frommer's Peru
By Neil E. Schlecht Pages 478, Pub. July 16, 2004
“… arranges rafting trips to Majes and Colca, among other adventure options COLCA TREK, Jerusalen 401-B …”




Lets Go Peru, Ecuador & Bolivia

Colca Trek Jerusalen 401-B “in the same building as campamento base. Whit the best mountain equipment in Arequipa (for rental and purchase),”base camp” leads treks in the Colca and Cotahuasi canyons. Do-it yourself mountaineers can get maps that include trail descriptions of the volcanoes and detailed hiking advice. They also rent 4x4 vehicles to trekkers going alone…”




Stones in the Road : Photographs of Peru by Nubar Alexanian
Hardcover (March 1992)
Aperture; Size (in inches): 0.60 x 12.47 x 9.92
"... great empathy ..." - The British Bulletin of Publications
"... contemplative art in a fast-forward video world" - Boston Globe



Address: Jerusalen 401-B Arequipa, Peru Tel: (51-54) 206217
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