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About Us
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Who we are

Colca Trek Adventures began providing quality Peruvian guided adventures of the Colca and Cotahuasi Canyons over 25 years ago.
Originally founded in the early 1980's by Mg Vlado Soto.

Expanded trip offerings provide our guests with an innovative in-depth South Peru experience and now include photography, birding, and archaeology.

We're very passionate of the Arequipa region we are so fortunate to share with visitors, and it's our goal to show our guests the Arequipa region we know as “AREQUIPEÑOS”.

Colca Trek is dedicated to providing you with best-class adventure travel experiences at affordable prices. Choose from a range of over 70 adventure choices in South Peru including climbing, hiking and biking trips, cultural tours, river rafting, horse ride expeditions, and much more.

Over the past 25 years our philosophy has remained the same: to enable travelers to immerse themselves in the country they are visiting; to learn to appreciate its people, cultures and wildlife and the delicate balance necessary for their coexistence.

Why Colca Trek?

  • Experience - 25 years of specialist adventure travel know-how.
  • Value - Quality trips at affordable prices whit out intermediaries.
  • Highly Recommended –Lonely Planet, Foot prints, Rouge guide, Raise know how, Moon, Lets Go to Peru and in all the travel handbooks we are number one COLCA TREK and our Manager VLADO SOTO
  • Choice - Multiple travel styles from grassroots to connoisseur.
  • Companionship - Travel with a small group of like-minded travelers from other English speaking countries.
  • Responsible Tourism - Trips designed to comply with sustainable tourism best practices.
  • Respect - For their customers, the environment, and local communities.



  • Profesional guides with many years of experience climbing mountains in their own region, they have a lot of experience working at high altitudes. (Max.ratio guide - client, 1:3)
    Our guides provide you with an incomparable experience with their culture, nature and friendship, making your expedition more enjoyable and without losing our standards of quality.
  • Our trips are designed to have the best acclimatization, having the possibility to trek to a smaller height before attempting to climb or trek a great summit such as the Ampato 6,315m. or the sours of the Amazon trek at 5,117m.
  • The best common equipment:
    - Mountain tents
    - Base camp dinner tent
    - Tables and chairs
    - Pulse oxymeters
    - Complete first aid kit
    - Mobile Phones
    - VHF and UHF radios
    - Water purifier at base camp
  • Food. Our meals are varied and well chosen. Fresh and delicious food is always available in our trips. Vegetables, fruit, meet, chicken and even fish are among our menu, as well as pastas, rice, potatoes rich in carbohydrates. Wine, biscuits, cheese, crackers and everything we need to make our trip pleasant.
  • Mules, horses and donkeys. We have the best service to carry our gear, with the friendship of our "arrieros" (cowboys). We use mules and donkeys in all our trips in Perú.
  • Porters. We can provide you with porters in all of our treks and high altitude expeditions.
  • Hotels. We stay at three and four stars hotels in our expeditions that have this item included.
  • Parks fees and all the tikets are include in our prices.
  • Transportation. In our expeditions we use the best qualified ground transportation, according to the road conditions and altitudes.
  • Departures. You can choose the date of departure in a private trip (with a minimum of persons required) or register in some of our fixed trips.



Address: Jerusalen 401-B Arequipa, Peru Tel: (51-54) 206217
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