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Equipment Rental in Arequipa

Camping equipment can be rented in our ofice.

Prices vary, but you can expect to pay $3-5 for a tent, $3 for a sleeping bag, $2-3 for a stove (all per day) and we provide you fuel. All rentals require a deposit in cash or a passport, we buy equipment you no longer need.Gear can also be purchased at our agency, Jerusalen 401-B .

Food for the hike can be purchased at a good supermarket on the main Plaza.

If you requiered  any equipment ,you also can reserve this in advance, just in case, some days we have all separated, so please contact Ybeth at colcatrek@gmail.com or basecampamento@gmail.com  , We also rent:

Mountaineering Gear, Backpacks, Paddling gear, Boots, Kayaks, Rock climbing gear and more.




Address: Jerusalen 401-B Arequipa, Peru Tel: (51-54) 206217
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