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20630 ft (6288 m)

Level of Difficulty: Class IV medium
Location: Cordillera Occidental, SW Peru, 45 miles (70 km) NW of Arequipa
Lat / Long: 15.8° S, 71.9° W
Volcanic Type: Stratovolcano
Volcanic Status: Dormant
First Ascent: Inca ascent, before 1500)
Leng: From 3 to 6 days

This mountain is popular for the famous mommy "Ampato maiden", and the number of other accessible peaks nearby. You can drive to 4,800 m., and from here it is a two-hour climbing to base camp at 5,200 meters. The summit is another six hour's climbing (Sallalli route). Another route starts from Cabanaconde (ceremonial route), in the Colca Canyon . This trek begins at Cabanaconde village   passing by the Mocurca lake and arrive to an ancient ceremonial center, sitting at 5,000 meters on the northeast side of the volcano. From here, the summit is about seven hours away. Now if you have the time for more climbs, you have the nearby volcanoes of Sabancaya (5,995m) and Hualca Hualca (6,095m) can also be climbed from this camp. We have two options for this mountain:

Option 1 -Sallalli Route 3 or 4 days climbing

Option 2 - Ceremonial route 5 days




    COLCA TREK has not only these basic choices, if you like to be out of the normal trail, just let us know we can send you our secret trails, or we are ready to made with you the trip in the way, that you order to do,  if it's there any special activity you would like to do, just let me know so that immediately we can send you more details , maybe you need information about rafting, mountain biking or city biking, that we can combine to make the best tour for you, please just ask to colcatrek@gmail.com for a inmediately anwer of our guide Vlado Soto. thanks.




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